Aktuelle Projekte


  • ARAMACC - Annually Resolved Archives of Marine Climate Change (EU MC-ITN; 2013-2017)

  • Inoceramid sclerochronology - Advancing Late Cretaceous climate reconstructions (DFG; 2016-2018)

  • Quaternary paleoclimate of southern South America (MPGC; 2016-2019)

  • Bivalve shell microstructures – exploring a novel marine temperature proxy (DFG; 2018-2021)


  • Assessing the diet of the extinct giant flightless bird Gastornis by Ca isotope analysis (Collaborators: Dr. Stephen Galer MPI for Chemistry Mainz; Dipl. Biol. Petra Held, Univ. Mainz, Dr. Meinolf Hellmund, Geiseltalmuseum, ZNS, Univ. Halle )

  • Calcium isotopes in human teeth: a proxy for breast feeding? (Collaborators: Dr. Stephen Galer, MPI for Chemistry Mainz; Dipl. Biol. Petra Held, Univ. Mainz)

  • Provenance determination of medieval humans and horses from Diepensee (Collaborators: Prof. Dr. Gisela Grupe, Univ. Munich, Germany; Dr. Susanne Jahns, Brandenburgisches Landesamt für Denkmalpflege, Zossen, Germany)

  • Provenancing the victims of ritual Neolithic cannibalism from Herxheim (Collaborators: Dr. Andrea Zeeb-Lanz, Generaldirektion Kulturelles Erbe Rheinland-Pfalz Landesarchäologie, Außenstelle Speyer; Dr. Rouven Turck, Univ. Zurich)

  • Mobility of Pleistocene horses in the Neuwied Basin inferred from intra-tooth isotope analysis (Collaborators: Dr. Olaf Joeris and Dr. Lutz Kindler, RGZM, Monrepos; MSc. Andreas Wittke, Univ. Cologne)

  • Palaeoecology and palaeoenvironment of Eocene vertebrates from Messel (Collaborators: Dr. Stephan Schaal and Dr. Sonja Wedmann, Senckenberg Research Institute Frankfurt / Main, Messel Research Station)

  • Pterosaur diets inferred from stable isotope analysis (Collaborator: Dr. David Hone, Univ. London, UK)

  • Isotopologue thermometry of fossil hard tissues: A new approach to inferring dinosaur body temperature (Collaborators: Dr. Robert Eagle, UCLA, USA; Prof. Dr. John Eiler, Caltech, USA)

  • Bioapatite clumped isotope thermometry - ambient and body temperature reconstruction (Collaborators: Dr. Jens Fiebig, Univ. Frankfurt, Germany; Prof. Dr. Michael Böttcher, Inst. Baltic Sea Research)

  • Boron isotope analysis of bioapatite: a new proxy for diet and seawater pH? (Collaborator: Dr. Aurélien Bernard, Univ. Nantes, France)